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Your toilet may just be the most important fixture in your home. There’s no need to go into the details about why that is—it should be obvious. That also means that when it backs up, leaks or something goes wrong with it, it can be horrifying in many ways.

Some of the most common toilet problems involve leaks, clogs and backups, and flushing problems. For the most part, these are generally easy to fix, at least in the short term. However, any time you experience an issue with this all-important fixture for hygiene, health and cleanliness, you should consider having a professional like Roberts Plumbing come out to check things over, just to be on the safe side.


Toilet Leaks:
There are a couple different places where your toilet might leak. Some are worse than others. The first thing to do if you notice a potential toilet leak is to check if the water is clean or dirty. If it’s dirty, the bowl might be where it’s leaking, and that can be a serious health hazard that’s going to require a professional to address. If it’s clean, it might be the water feed or tank. Sometimes this can be fixed by tightening the valve, and for others you’re going to need a professional plumber. As always, if you’re not sure, call in someone who knows.

Clogs and Back-up’s:
Clogs and backups are icky to deal with, but everyone experiences one at some point in time. The best-case scenario is that you can plunge it a few times, and the drain will open up, allowing you to flush normally. If you experience a tougher clog, though, make sure you have a professional take a look.
Never dump drain opener into a toilet! The mechanism is not designed to work that way—you could not only make the problem worse, but you’re pouring chemicals into water that really doesn’t need extra chemicals added.

Fixing the Guts:
Sometimes the guts of your toilet—the mechanisms in your tank—go bad or break. Very often this is an easy fix that you can take care of with a trip to the local hardware store. Replacing these is a fairly easy process, but as with any home repair, and especially one that involves plumbing, it’s much better to have a professional plumber have a look than it is to dive in and potentially create expensive issues for yourself in the process.