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Septic systems treat sewage with naturally occurring bacteria found in wastewater. Septic System homeowners should use a live organic bacterium that breaks down the presence of unnatural substances and solids, like detergents and soaps, that sometimes enter your septic system. If these common household substances penetrate your septic system, they kill off the naturally occurring bacteria that allow your system to function properly.

Bio-Active septic treatment restores billions of the biological population of good worker bacteria and enzymes and those rundown solids in septic tank. These additives are an inexpensive insurance policy that keeps your pipes clean & clear, odor free, and your system functioning properly.

How do I choose the best septic bacteria treatment?
You can find various septic bacteria treatment systems on the market, both in your local building supply store and online. If you believe your septic system requires additional beneficial floral added, you should choose one that contains bacteria proven help break down septic waste and in as high a quantity available.

Does adding yeast help a septic system?
Adding yeast into your septic tank with the hope that you will never need to maintain it for as long as it exists, is not the way to care for your system. It is just one of the biological additives that could help improve the breakdown of the solid wastes but not exempt you from your duties as a septic system owner.